How to Submit a Bug Report

  1. Search existing bug reports and don't submit a duplicate report.
  2. Create a new ticket.


  1. Always provide information about what GTK+, PyGTK, Python and Twisted version you are running, and also what distribution or Operating System.
  2. Make sure to reproduce the steps one by one to reach the bug, and write them in detail.
  3. Run Itaka under debugging mode by doing the following and attach debug.log.txt in your bug report.

Linux users

itaka --debug > debug.log.txt

Windows Users

Open a command line window (Windows->Run->"cmd.exe"), then change into the directory where the *.py files are located. Execute with the full Python path specified.

"C:\Python25\python.exe" "C:\Itaka\itaka.pyw" --debug > debug.log.txt