Frequently Asked Questions

1. Platform support

  1. How do I run Itaka in Windows?
  2. I am in Windows and Itaka does not start
  3. Will there ever be a native Windows version?
  4. Will Itaka be included in Debian/Ubuntu?

2. Configuration

  1. Can I modify the HTML that is served?
  2. Can I modify the strings used in the HTTP authentication?

  1. Platform support
    1. Please see the Windows installation guidelines.
  1. Open a command line window (Windows->Run->"cmd.exe"), then change into the directory where the *.py files are located. Execute with the full Python path specified.

"C:\Python25\python.exe" "C:\Itaka\itaka.pyw --debug"

  1. No, Python, Twisted and GTK are reasonably well supported and integrated in Windows that the effort of making a .NET port is not worth it.
  1. Eventually, yes.
  1. Configuration
    1. Yes, see the [server] [html] setting in your Itaka configuration file which is in ~/.itaka/itaka.conf or %APPDATA%/itaka/itaka.ini in Windows. Also, in the headhtml and footerhtml variables specify the HTML headers and footers used in every page served.
  1. Yes, see the [server] [authfailure] for the string used when the authentication failed. See for other values. Specifically the RootResource class.