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Itaka is developed in  Python,  PyGTK and the  Twisted Framework. It is licensed under the GNU/GPL. 0.2 was the last release to be licensed under the GPL version 2.

Development can be tracked over at the  CIA or through Trac's timeline?.

The Subversion repository is available  here.

Itaka is fully documented with  Epydoc and Doxygen and includes a crude HACKING guide.

Please check the Milestones page for a list of things to be done.


Want to help Itaka but don't have any spare time? If you appreciate Itaka and want to help future development, consider a monetary donation. This is not tax deductible. Donations will be used mostly towards payment of hosting costs. If you donate, I will consider your support requests first priority, as well as giving more thought to features you request, but I can not guarantee anything. If you donate, please specify what features do you want, and in which platform you are running Itaka.

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