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(edit) @334   8 years marc Updated spec file
(edit) @333   8 years marc fixed ln again
(edit) @331   8 years marc Fixed french
(edit) @330   8 years marc Fix saving path in windows
(edit) @328   8 years marc Backported screenshot file removal fix
(edit) @324   8 years marc First try at backport
(edit) @322   8 years marc Fixed itaka man
(edit) @321   8 years marc Removed win-setup and added nicoleau and ezequiel credit, sorted docs
(edit) @320   8 years marc more fixes for release
(edit) @319   8 years marc Better prefix for installation
(edit) @318   8 years marc Fixed default prefix
(edit) @317   8 years marc Improved makefile to work with prefixes, fixed errors, improved manpag and …
(edit) @316   8 years marc Fix lintian
(edit) @315   8 years marc Fixed makefile clean
(edit) @313   8 years marc no need for README.Debian
(edit) @311   8 years marc Fixed desktop translations, debian deps
(edit) @310   8 years marc Updated binary specs
(edit) @309   8 years marc Improved spec file, removed unused images from installation, fixed a bug …
(edit) @308   8 years marc Added 16x16 secure images
(edit) @307   8 years marc Fixed stupid tabs on makefile
(edit) @306   8 years marc Fixed Menu, improved makefile (backported from trunk), don't install so …
(edit) @305   8 years marc updated sgml file, include hacking in distro, remove DOS line endings for …
(edit) @304   8 years marc more fixes
(edit) @302   8 years marc debian fixes
(edit) @301   8 years marc Updated README files
(edit) @300   8 years marc Better descriptions
(edit) @299   8 years marc Fixed .desktop file as per RedHat? bug 450621 and backported to 0.2.2
(edit) @298   8 years marc Better conversion of XPM files, removed PYTHON reference
(edit) @297   8 years marc Merged debian and 0.2.2 changes from 0.2 branch
(edit) @289   8 years marc Better stock buttons
(edit) @288   8 years marc Fixed save button, removed print form config, removed rpm from changelog
(edit) @287   8 years marc Better placement of files in APPDATA Win 7/XP. Basic audio support on win …
(edit) @286   8 years marc added snap.wav audio
(edit) @285   8 years nahuel New server log for twisted details, save button and timestamp preference, …
(edit) @284   8 years marc changed meta to work without knowing host
(edit) @283   8 years marc removed debug print
(edit) @282   8 years marc Fixed access path from GuiLog? to Gui variables
(edit) @281   8 years marc new global for itaka min screen height, expander will hide prefs too
(edit) @280   8 years marc Fixed expanding preferences for low res displays and libnotify icons, …
(edit) @279   8 years marc Better checking of Expansion of panes
(edit) @278   8 years marc Dir and type methods for debugging, fixed config print method, added …
(edit) @277   8 years marc Enhanced console logging functions to support multiple arguments and …
(edit) @276   8 years marc Better fallback to default locale
(edit) @275   8 years marc Fixed error reporting for different socket.errors from twisted, better …
(edit) @274   8 years marc Better port bind fail error, better console print functions, better error …
(edit) @273   8 years marc Better error handling for Py.2.6 and twisted
(edit) @272   8 years marc Better docs
(edit) @271   8 years marc Better utf-8 encoding support, better naming of arguments for …
(edit) @270   8 years marc fixed changelog
(edit) @269   8 years marc Fixed locale support, fixed some Pynotify issues
(edit) @268   8 years marc Fixed fatal PyGTK bug on some versions; Updated years, emails, changelog, …
(edit) @267   9 years nahuel Removed old OS X code, updated minor things
(edit) @265   10 years marc More cleanup
(edit) @264   10 years marc Code cleanup
(edit) @263   10 years marc Cleaned up code of the GUI.
(edit) @262   10 years marc Updated RPM specs.
(edit) @261   10 years marc RPM file and typo.
(edit) @260   10 years marc Updated man and sgml, fixed some invalid names
(edit) @257   10 years marc Updated manpage and rpm spec
(edit) @256   10 years marc Improved arugment handling and man pages across both branches
(edit) @253   10 years marc Added server version support.
(edit) @249   10 years marc Minor changes to how handles content-lenght
(edit) @248   10 years marc Removed error message.
(edit) @247   10 years marc Abstracted RootResource? to DataResource? so Static.Data can be served with …
(edit) @246   10 years marc Abstracted IconResource? to FileResource? to be reused. Fixed some typos …
(edit) @245   10 years marc Added favicon.ico support, updated translation.
(edit) @244   10 years marc Minor improvement to HTTP Authentication. Don't clean status labels on …
(edit) @243   10 years marc Fixed #20 (ISA #1). Where /screenshot did not prompt auth.
(edit) @242   10 years marc Fixed a collision with the new naming. Ignore binary .mo translations.
(edit) @241   10 years marc Clean up the code to approach PEP-8. Ignore .pyw, only used on builds. …
(edit) @240   10 years marc .pyw for Windows
(edit) @239   10 years marc README updates
(edit) @238   10 years marc Cleaned up doc, add Doxygen support, update translation strings and …
(edit) @237   10 years marc Reworked main core loader, fixes for Debian makefile and Locales.
(edit) @236   10 years marc Switch to GPLv3
(edit) @235   10 years marc Major changes to docs, makefiles, debian rules to support translations.
(edit) @234   10 years marc Rename
(edit) @233   10 years marc More changes and Makefile support for translations.
(edit) @232   10 years marc Translated to spanish.
(edit) @231   10 years marc Added trasnlations generated with xgettext
(edit) @230   10 years marc Started working on Translations
(edit) @229   10 years marc RPM packages information.
(edit) @228   10 years marc Added spec file for RPM.
(edit) @227   10 years marc Fuck py2exe
(edit) @226   10 years marc Windows py2exe work…
(edit) @225   10 years marc Disclaimer on windows setup script
(edit) @224   10 years marc Major fixes to documentation
(edit) @223   10 years marc Use shortcut hints in trayicon
(edit) @222   10 years marc Updated version strings to 1.0, cleaned up strings
(edit) @221   10 years marc Center preferences label on frame border
(edit) @219   10 years marc Updated version numbers and config values
(edit) @218   10 years marc Updated changelog and brought back changes
(edit) @217   10 years marc Line fix, use debian Makefile automatigally
(edit) @216   10 years marc New control summary
(edit) @215   10 years marc Minor UI changes, debug meta option in config, fixed a major bug in …
(edit) @214   10 years marc Simplified libnotify notification string.
(edit) @213   10 years marc Updated documentation and Debian files for 0.2 release.
(edit) @212   10 years marc Fixed conflict between our error handler and twisted.internet's.
(edit) @211   10 years marc Merged back changes done in 0.2 freeze
(edit) @206   10 years marc TODO updated.
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